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Landsite has advertising packages that meet the needs of all businesses, from one business that operates in one county to a contractor who has several licenses, operating in multiple counties. Landsite advertising packages start as low as $10 per month, for one profession in one county, up to $28 per month for listing five professions in five counties. View Packages

Landsite’s webpage service allows you to create your own webpage, providing your business better exposure to the internet and allowing you to give detailed information about your business.

Landsite offers unique webpage service that no other website provides to their clients. Landsite’s webpage service allows you to create and maintain your own webpage, hosted on our website, for $5.00 per month. Having this service, for Landsite’s clients, provides them a presence on the internet, which can create job opportunities.

There is no website that can be compared to for Landsite is the only website that has all the elements of the building industry by county. Landsite also makes it affordable for businesses to be listed and have a webpage. Landsite’s advertising rates are very competitive with other websites that just offer professional trade services. is the website for people who plan to develop land, build a new building or remodel their existing building. It is also for people who want to learn about and be involved in the building industry in their community. Landsite is the premier website created for the building industry that brings all the elements to one website, where visitors can purchase land, find development professionals, contractors, material suppliers and government development and zoning codes.

Landsite is the only website where visitors and clients can easily locate local companies, by county, offering their business services in real estate, land development, construction, and material suppliers that carry all building products used in construction.

Visitors planning to build a new project or remodel an existing building will have access to local county government development and zoning codes that will guide them through the process of developing or remodeling their property.

Landsite is the only building industry website that offers both a Free Land Advertisement Service and promotes the building industry professionals. Owners and real estate agents can list their land parcels for sale, in the county or city where their land is located. Having the free land listing service on brings visitors to the website, who are looking to relocate to your county, to build a new home or commercial building, which creates job opportunities. Real Estate companies, their agents, and private sellers, who list their land for sale, will share information about to promote the sale of their land.

Real estate agents who are selling property, with existing buildings, that are going to be remodeled, can refer their clients to for local building professionals. Allowing their clients to choose the companies of their choice and will create job opportunities for professionals advertising on

Landsite provides visitors a Building Product Directory that advertises businesses and manufacturers’ websites offering all types of construction products, where visitors can view their products and find store locations where their products are sold or buy on-line. This is a good way for visitors to shop around to see different manufacturer’s products to use in their building project. Visitors looking for products will also be looking for contractors to help build their construction project.

On Landsite visitors will also find a Glossary of building industry words and terms used in real estate, construction trade professions and local government agencies. When visitors use the Glossary, they are looking for information and answers to questions about the building industry. They maybe planning to develop their land or remodel their existing building, and will also need to find local building professionals and contractors to help with their project.