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Advertising Your Building Products on

Landsite’s Building Product Directory is our advertisement service for manufacturers and businesses who market building products online.

The Building Products Directory has links to businesses websites that manufacture or provide building products used in all phases of constructing a building and the surrounding building site environment. One of the elements of Landsite is to provide visitors access to the building products used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Visitors looking for building products, for their new building or remodeling project can search websites of different manufacturers and businesses products.

Landsite has links to the Building Products Directory on the website’s main navigation bar and on every county navigation bar. The Directory is divided into 20 major categories making it easy for visitors to find your products. With just one click, visitors will reach your online showroom or your surf website for products. They will be able to find store locations where you products are sold or they can buy on-line. This is a good way for the visitor to shop around to see different manufacturers’ products for use in their building project.

Landsite offers a Building Product Advertisement Package where your business gets space for a logo and comments about your business and its products. Your business ad is placed in alphabetical order in its product category. There is an alphabet guide on each product page that helps visitors locate your business.

: Advertising on is inexpensive at only $550 per year with one yearly payment or $600 a year with monthly payments of $50. is being developed to be the premier nation-wide website starting in California and expanding to every state. Visitors searching for building products will be able to find your products on As landsite expands there will be more exposure to your business website. Advertise Today