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Lake County CA

Lake County was created May 20, 1861, from territory formerly included in Napa County. This county derived its name from the many charming lakes in the area, most prominently Clear Lake. The current county population is about 64,105.

Lake County offers what many urban dwellers and entrepreneurs are seeking - a superior quality of life that includes abundant recreational opportunities, natural beauty, and a relaxed lifestyle - and is home to California's cleanest air basin and its largest natural freshwater lake.

The climate is right for business development in Lake County. Opportunities for business development are plentiful, local government is willing to assist, numerous resources are available to help business and development interests. A strong entrepreneurial spirit is present among local business owners. Lake County officials are committed to creating a favorable environment for businesses while maintaining a high quality of life for business owners, employees, residents, and customers. Lake County's Administrative Officer and economic development staff members are personally available to meet with developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to facilitate quality development and encourage business growth. The county seat is located in Lakeport.

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