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Mendocino County CA

Inhabiting a Northern California region of rugged natural beauty, Mendocino County boasts vast open spaces, timeless villages, mountains, rivers, and spectacular coastline. Mendocino County is home to a rich cultural heritage, strong community values, a connection to the land, lively civic participation, and a shared ethic of cooperative self-reliance. Mendocino County was founded in 1850 and has a current population of about 90,445.

Mendocino County is growing prosperous through self-reliance, innovation and community investment. The future economic development will come from the growth of businesses that now thrive in Mendocino County and appropriate new business to the county. The county supports economic development which protects the predominantly rural nature of the county and maintains and/or enhances our water, air or land resources. There are vacant industrial lands for new and expanding businesses to occupy. The county will continually improve local governmental response to economic development opportunities.

The demographics of the county are changing as well. More retirees who want a less urban lifestyle are moving into the county. The county embraces the medical opportunities that retirees and an aging population bring. The minority populations are creating new sorts of business opportunities as well. The county seat is located in Ukiah.

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