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Glossary terms starting with the Letter V

Valid Contract</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div
A binding, legally enforceable contract

Void Contract</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div c
An agreement that isn’t an enforceable contract because it lacks a required element or is defensive in some other respect.

Voilable Contact</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><di
A contract that one of the parties can disaffirm without liability, because of lack of capacity or a negative factor such as fraud or duress

VA mortgage</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
A mortgage that is guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Administration

VA</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv5><
Veteran’s Administration.

Vested</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=ad
In real estate is when a person has a present, fixed right or interest in property, even through he or she may not have the right to possession until sometime in the future. For example remainderman’s interest in property vests when it is granted, not when the life estate ends

Veterans Administration (VA)</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);
An agency of the federal government that guarantees residential mortgages made to eligible veterans of the military services. The guarantee protects the lender against loss and thus encourages lenders to make mortgages to veterans.

Valley</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=ad
A trough formed by the intersection of two roof slopes.

Valley rafter</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div c
A diagonal rafter that supports a valley.

Vapor barrier</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div c
See vapor retarder.

Vapor retarder</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div
A layer of material intended to obstruct the passage of water vapor through a building assembly. Also called, less accurately, vapor barrier.

Varnish</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=a
A slow-drying transparent coating.

Vault</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv
An arched surface.

Vee joint</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class
A joint whose profile resembles the letter V.

Veneer</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=ad
A thin layer, sheet, or facing.

Veneer-based lumber</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style>
Linear wooden structural elements manufactured by bonding together strands or sheets of rotary-sliced wood veneer.

Veneer plaster</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div
A wall finish system in which a thin layer of plaster is applied over a special gypsum board base.

Veneer plaster base</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style>
The special gypsum board over which veneer plaster is applied.

Vent spacer</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
A device used to maintain a free air passage above the thermal insulation in an attic or roof.

Vermiculite</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
Expanded mica, used as an insulating fill or a lightweight aggregate.

Vertical bar</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cl
An upright reinforcing bar in a concrete column.

Vertical grain lumber</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</styl
Dimension lumber sawed in such a way that the annual rings run more or less perpendicular to the faces of each piece.

Vierendeel truss</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><di
A truss with rectangular panels and rigid joints. The members of a Vierendeel truss are subjected to strong nonaxial forces.

Vinyl</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv
See polyvinyl chloride.

Vitrification</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div c
The process of transforming a material into a glassy substance by means of heat.

Volume change joint</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style>
A building separtion joint that allows for expansion and contraction of adjacent portions of a building without distress.

Voussoir</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=
A wedge-shaped element of an arch or vault.

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