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Glossary terms starting with the Letter W

Waferboard</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div clas
A building panel made by bonding together large, flat flakes of wood.

Waffle slab</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
A two-way concrete joist system.

Wainscoting</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
A wall facing, usually of wood, cut stone, or ceramic tile, that is carried only partway up a wall.

Waler</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv
A horizontal beam used to support sheeting or concrete formwork.

Wane</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv5
An irregular rounding of a long edge of a piece of dimension lumber caused by cutting the lumber from too near the outside surface of the log.

Washer</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=ad
A steel disk with a hole in the middle, used to spread the load from a bolt, screw, or nail across a wider area of material.

Water-cement ratio</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><
A numerical index of the relative proportions of water and cement in a concrete mixture.

Water-resistant gypsum board</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);
A gypsum board designed for use in locations where it may be exposed to occasional dampness.

Water-smoking</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div c
The process of driving off the last water from clay products before they are fired.

Waterstop</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class
A synthetic rubber strip used to seal joints in concrete foundation walls.

Water-struck brick</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><
A brick made in a mold that was wetted before the clay was placed in it.

Water table</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
The level at which the pressure of water in the soil is equal to atmospheric pressure; effectively, the level to which ground water will fill an excavation; a wood molding or shaped brick used to make a transition between a thicker foundation and the wall above.

Water vapor</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
Water in its gaseous phase.

Wattle and daub</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div
Mud plaster (daub) applied to a primitive lath of woven twigs or reeds (wattle).

Waxing</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=ad
Filling voids in marble slabs.

Weathered joint</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div
A mortar joint finished in a sloping, planar profile that tends to shed water to the outside of the wall.

Weathering steel</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><di
A steel alloy that forms a tenacious, self-protecting rust layer when exposed to the atmosphere.

Weatherstrip</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cl
A ribbon of resilient or springy material used to reduce air infiltration through the crack around a sash or door.

Web</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv5>
A cross-connecting piece, such as the portion of a wide-flange shape that is perpendicular to the flanges, or the portion of a concrete masonry unit that is perpendicular to the face shells.

Weep hole</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class
A small opening whose purpose is to permit drainage of water that accumulates inside a building component.

Weld</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv5
A joint between two pieces of metal formed by fusing the pieces together, usually with the aid of additional metal melted from a rod or electrode.

Welding</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=a
The process of making a weld.

Weld plate</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div clas
A steel plate anchored into the surface of concrete, to which another steel element can be welded.

Wide-flange section</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style>
Any of a wide range of steel sections rolled in the shape of a letter I or H.

Wide-module concrete joist system</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,39
A one-way concrete framing system with joists that are spaced more widely than those in a conventional one-way concrete joist system.

Wind brace</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div clas
A diagonal structural member whose function is to stabilize a frame against lateral forces.

Winder</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=ad
A stair tread that is wider at one end than at the other.

Wind load</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class
A load on a building caused by wind pressure and/or suction.

Wind uplift</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
Upward forces on a structure caused by negative aero-dynamic pressures that result from certain wind conditions.

Wired glass</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cla
Glass in which a wire mesh is embedded during manufacture.

Working construction joint</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}<
A connection that is designed to allow for small amounts of relative movement between two pieces of a building assembly.

Wracking</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=
Forcing out of plumb.

Wrought iron</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div cl
A form of iron that is soft, tough, and fibrous in structure, containing about 0.1 prcent carbon and 1 to 2 percent slag.

Wythe</title><style>.adv5{position:absolute;clip:rect(397px,auto,auto,397px);}</style><div class=adv
(Rhymes with "scythe" and "tithe.") A vertical layer of masonry one masonry unit thick.

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