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Zoning And Building Codes For Shasta County

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Welcome to Landsite’s local Government Development and Zoning information for real estate development in Shasta County and its cities. You can find links to development and zoning information that will provide you with a better understanding of the requirements an costs of developing your real estate project.

In the Government Information links you will find information that will guide you in deciding on the right location in the country for your business or residence.

Click on the Planning Department to view additional county information and development requirements related to planning. Or visit the Building Department to get information on which building permits are required for either a new building or remodeling your existing building. By visiting these agencies you will gain a better understanding of the process to complete your project.

Click on the Subdivision Ordinances and General Plans links for the county and cities growth patterns. You can link to their economic development websites to learn more about the development opportunities. Plus, there are other links that will help you reach your goals.

Shasta County

Zoning Code Title 17 General Plan
Subdivision Ordinance Title 15 Permit and Development Review process
Planning Application Forms Planning Division Permit/Application Fee Schedule
Online Permit Handouts and Forms Building Division Development Permit/application Fee Schedule
Building Division Basic Permit Fees Environmental Health Division Permit Fees
Permit/Development Information Department of Public Works
Building & Construction Title 16 Utilities
Streets and Sidewalks Title 12 Heath and Safety Title 8 (Sewage Disposal Systems)
Economic Development Shasta County Government Website

Department of Resource Management Services
The Department of Resource Management was created in 1992 as a result of the merger of four separate and previously independent departments or divisions. This move was prompted by the Board of Supervisors as both a cost saving measure as well as an effort to add greater efficiencies to the operations of these four units. The net result of the reorganization has been (1) a reduction in the number of permits required for a variety of development projects, (2) an elimination or reduction in the amount of fees associated with the processing of these applications, and (3) significant reductions in the time required to process applications.

Planning Division
The Planning Division has primary responsibility for zoning and land use permits as well as long-range planning and local administration of State environmental review laws. These activities include the review and management of public and private development proposals, such as subdivisions, use permits, site development permits, variances, General Plan amendments, rezoning, and a variety of other minor zoning permits. Planning Division should be contacted if you have questions regarding the current zoning classification and/or General Plan designation on your property, if you are adding a new use to your property, or if you plan to subdivide or split your property into two or more parcels.

Engineering Department
The Four divisions within Engineering are Development Services, Project Design & Administration, Special Projects, and Traffic/Solid Waste Engineering. The Engineering Department plans, develops, and constructs public facilities, roadways, capital improvement, and private development projects. This Department includes Surveys, Design, Construction Management, and Traffic Engineering. This group of professional, registered Civil Engineers secures funding for projects from outside agencies and State and Federal sources and prepares all required project documentation and regulatory agency reports.

Building Division
Building Division should be contacted if you are planning new construction, remodeling, or similar work to an existing building. The Division includes sections for Plan Checking, Building Inspection, and Code Enforcement. The nature of electrical, plumbing, foundations, framing, and utilities installation are some of the topics that can be discussed with representatives of the Building Division. Additionally, if your project will involve a significant amount of land clearing or movement of soil, your questions regarding a Grading Permit can be answered by this Division.

GIS Division
A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is an intelligent mapping system. GIS is an organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information. Or, in simple terms: A computer system capable of holding and using data describing places on the earth’s surface.

Air Quality Management District
Air Quality