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Welcome to Landsite’s local Government Development and Zoning Information for real estate development in this county and its cities. You can find links to development and zoning codes that will provide you with a better understanding of the requirements and costs of developing your real estate project. The information found in government agencies help will guide you in deciding on the right location in the county for your business or residence.

Click on the Planning Department to view additional county development requirements related to planning. Click on the Building Department to get information on which building permits are required for either a new building or remodeling your existing building. By visiting these agencies you will gain a better understanding of the process to complete your project. Click on the Subdivision Ordinances and General Plan links for the county and cities growth patterns. You can also link to their Economic Development websites to learn more about the development opportunities.

Mendocino County

Zoning Code Zoning Lookup Utility
General Plan Mendocino County General Plan Coastal Element
Mendocino County Coastal Element Gualala Town Plan
Local Agency Formation Commission Subdivision Ordinance Title 17
Permit Place Handouts & Forms Online
Building Regulations Title 18 Regulation for Limited Density Rural Dwelling
Draft Grading Ordinance Underground Utility Districts Title
Mendocino County Code Economic Development and Financing Corporation
Business Assistance Programs

Planning Division
The Planning Division is charged both with long-term planning and current planning functions. Long term planning includes such activities as creation, implementation and maintenance of the General Plan and related policy implementation. Current planning functions deal with land use, development and growth. Planning Services is also responsible for gathering and disseminating planning information to the public, other City departments, the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Engineering Department
Engineering Department providing a wide range of engineering services both independently and as part of the larger City’s collective effort in processing land use and development applications. Tasks range from reviewing maps and plans for technical accuracy and consistency with the City's design criteria, to complex issues involving compliance with project conditions of approval and enforcement of the Municipal Code.

Building Department
The Building Division is responsible for activities related to the construction, remodeling, and demolition of buildings and structures. By reviewing building permit applications, issuing building and related permits, checking plans, and inspecting buildings and properties the Division can ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. The Division is responsible for enforcing all applicable building, mechanical, energy, accessibility, plumbing, electrical and housing codes and laws adopted by the City and State to ensure a safe and habitable building environment.

Environmental Heath (Onsite Sanitation)
Environmental Health Division should be contacted if you will need: A permit to drill a new well or to have water from an existing well tested or to create and/or modify an existing private or public water system; A permit to install or repair a septic tank and/or drain field system; Testing to be done for a proposed location for a new or replacement septic system.

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